Below, you’ll find our specialties. If we were more corporate, we’d call them our “core competencies.” But to us, they’re at the intersection of expertise and passion.

Web Design

Don’t know where to start when creating a website? Or is your current web designer not keeping your site properly updated? As the online face of your company, your website has mere seconds to make or break a potential customer’s visit. We’ll make sure that first impression is a great one.

  • Designing a new, mobile-friendly WordPress website with SEO to fit the needs of you and your customers.
  • Developing a website enhancement or redesign strategy.
  • Customizing a WordPress theme for simplicity and cost effectiveness.
  • Ongoing webmaster updating and support.

Email Marketing

Do you want to start using email to connect with your customers? Or do you already use email marketing, but find sending out your monthly e-newsletter a chore? We can help you more strategically use email to reach customers, stay top of mind, and drive the business results you want. Our favorite platform is Mailchimp, but we’ve worked in several others.

  • Developing an email campaign or content strategy.
  • Designing a reusable email template.
  • Optimizing your website and social networks to increase email subscriptions.
  • Ongoing email campaign execution, subscriber list management, and results reporting.

Online Advertising

Do you want to reach customers who are looking for what you have to offer? 90% of people search for a product or service using Google, making Google Adwords a compelling choice, and 79% of online American adults use Facebook. LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest ads can also be used to reach the right market with the right message. We can use our extensive experience with all of these ad platforms to put your message in front of a target market of potential customers.

  • Creating your ad with compelling imagery and written copy that effectively uses keywords.
  • Determining the optimum demographics or location for targeting your ad.
  • Monitoring analytics to continually improve your campaign.

Looking for something else? We do other stuff too!

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