Okay, the stock photo above might be a slight dramatization, but being an entrepreneur is full of challenges that must be overcome and problems that must be solved. It’s rewarding to have your own business, sure, but if it were easy, everyone would be doing it! Four members of foundHER shared the biggest challenges they are working through right now.

“One of the hardest challenges I’ve had to date is determining at what point I should begin to outsource bits of my business. Right now, I manage everything from sales to marketing to accounting to working directly with clients. I enjoy having the ability to oversee every aspect, because they are all so intertwined. On the flip side, I know that if I were to outsource some of the pieces that I don’t love or am not particularly efficient at, it would give me more time to focus on all of the other goodness.

“In order to help tackle this challenge, I’m focusing on how much time I’m spending on various aspects of my business so that I can hone in on where I feel I’m not using my time most wisely.”

Maria Baer
Residential Organizer + Party Stylist
The Baer Minimalist

The Baer Minimalist helps busy families create organized + stylized spaces and events throughout greater Indianapolis.


“This might seem cliché, but one our biggest hurdles right now has become the internet. Time and time again we have clients, friends, family shopping on Wayfair, Houzz, one-day-sale sites, etc.. Shopping these sites can sometimes be necessary, we understand. Either they have what you want in-stock, ship fast, great price, free delivery – all the good things, right? Until it comes damaged and you have to deal with a return yourself (in the free time you might not have). Also, let’s think about how Houzz pins products on builders, architects, designers, and stylist’s images without official permission. As an industry, our specific design sources are being stolen and given to the public for their own use and then Houzz is profiting from that sale.

“There’s not much we can do when saying the internet is our challenge because this is the new way of life, business and design. In small ways, we are making a difference for Polish (and our industry) by standing our ground when client’s propose shopping those sites and kindly explaining why that might not be the best idea. Concerning Houzz, our industry is stepping together to nearly boycott Houzz’s unethical behavior in hopes they adjust to protect the back-bone of their site which are the trade sharing designs, images, and inspiration for all to enjoy but not take (and profit) from.”

Courtney Walker Pope
Co-Owner & Lead Interior Designer
Polish Interior & Art Design

Polish Interior and Art Design is a full service, Indianapolis based firm specializing in all facets of residential and boutique commercial design.


“My greatest challenge at the moment is determining the right balance with the business and with my kids. I have two young boys, 3.5 and 11 months, and the war is constant in terms of taking on exciting work opportunities and saying no because this is a demanding season for me at home. While it’s easy to remind oneself that it’s a marathon and not a sprint, there’s time to do everything (just not at once), and that good things grow slow – it’s a whole other to actually apply in the moment when you are presented with these new initiatives. The way I am tackling this is to examine my schedule one season at a time… and reevaluating on the go.”

Katie Smith

Careerable is a career coaching and talent consulting business for up-and-comers in the tech industry.


“In the five years I’ve had my business, I’ve often been a ‘Jill of all trades’ for my clients, tackling anything they needed in the wide realm of marketing. But now, guided by the fantastic book  Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown, I have decided to specialize in three areas where my expertise and passion overlap: WordPress web design, email marketing, and online advertising. The challenge is having the discipline to stay true to that focus and turn down opportunities I would have taken up in the past, even for current clients. But overall, sticking to the vision has been very rewarding and has taken Kahunify to a new level.”

Kara Gladish
Big Kahuna

Kahunify offers marketing services and strategies customized to achieve your business’s goals, including web design, email marketing, social media, online advertising, blogging, and branding.

Are you a female business owner in Indianapolis? Want to join a group of other like-minded entrepreneurial women who solve problems and have fun? foundHER would be a great fit! Reach out about joining by contacting us!

Indy Business Owners’ Biggest Challenges
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