When you’re in a profession, it’s fun when your peers are able to make you admit, “Well played.” This happened to me recently when I was looking into getting laser hair removal for my legs. For anyone out there who doesn’t feel the need to shave their legs, think of laser hair removal as an investment – a large upfront cost in exchange for a lifetime of saved money spent on razors and saved time spent actually shaving.

I had been doing some online research, comparing the different options in Indianapolis. One business’s website I found had a pop-up that offered a $250 instant coupon simply for giving my email address. It looked legitimate enough, so I did it, just in case, even though I wasn’t ready to bite the bullet yet.

About two days later, I received the following follow-up email that converted me from lead to customer. I’ve put notable sections in bold and discuss them below.

① Hi Kara,

② My name is Carol*; I am the Clinic Manager for Premier Laser Spa of Indianapolis. I received your internet inquiry and would like ③ to follow up with you and answer any questions you may have. We have a ④ fantastic promotion going on right now that is Buy 1 area, get 2 areas for free! We also have zero down payment plans if that fits your needs as well.

I would like to schedule you for a free consultation to determine ⑤ if you are an ideal candidate. Our laser hair removal services come in packages of 8 treatments because statistically it will take 8 treatments to get you completely hair free. Additionally, Premier is the only company in the industry that offers a ⑥ 2 year guarantee. What that means is, if after your 8th treatment you were to have any additional re-growth of hair we will treat you for FREE for two full years.

Or, if you are interested in skin tightening, ⑦ I will be happy to provide you detailed information regarding the treatments. ⑧ It is very popular with our patients because there is ⑨ no down time. The laser heats your body’s own natural collagen, tightening the collagen you already have and stimulating the growth of new collagen to reduce wrinkles, pore size, and improve the tone and texture of your skin.

⑩ Could you send me some possible dates and times that you are available? ⑪ The consultation should only take about 20 minutes. If, in the meantime, you have any additional questions, ⑫ please do not hesitate to contact me at: 317-253-0750 and ⑬ choose option #2 so that it will ring directly into our office.

Thanks, and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Premier Laser Spa
⑮ Clinic Manager

(*name changed for anonymity)

  1. This was a plain text email addressed to me that felt more personal than an automated response.
  2. Carol introduced herself right away, further humanizing this marketing email I received.
  3. This is a wonderful soft sell, emphasizing giving me information rather than selling to me.
  4. Limited-time promotions are a very effective way to get someone to act. And the offer was a substantial one.
  5. There’s an ingenious aspect here of piquing my curiosity – “Am I a good candidate?” and wanting to sell myself to Premier.
  6. Guarantees are another very effective marketing technique.
  7. Carol conveys genuine enthusiasm in helping me, another soft sell technique.
  8. There’s nothing like the old “join the bandwagon” stratagem!
  9. Here, she overcomes an objection before I could have it.
  10. A confident but not pushy assuming of the sale.
  11. Again, overcoming an objection.
  12. Another genuine gesture of helpfulness.
  13. Removing any obstacles for me to get in contact. If she hadn’t provided this information, and I had called and been confused about the phone tree options, I would have been just a little less likely to bite.
  14. Another example of assuming the sale.
  15. Carol is obviously doing sales, but “Sales” isn’t in her title – rather, it contains the more trustworthy “Manager.”

Awed on both a consumer and a marketer level, I replied to Carol shortly and scheduled my consultation with her. She turned out to be just as personable and credible in real life, which admittedly sealed the deal, though I probably wouldn’t have gotten to the consultation step without her email.

And that’s how good marketing convinced a marketer to spend $2,000 to get smoother legs.

The Masterful Email that Convinced this Marketer to Spend $2,000
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