Mother’s Day is big business for companies that purvey anything mom-related: florists, restaurants, jewelers, greeting cards… As a day spa, my client Spaah in Bloomington, Indiana is no exception. Leading up to May 11, I worked on a digital campaign to increase sales of gift certificates.

I designed two different Facebook ads: one with the Spaah logo and the copy “Bloomington’s best day spa has you covered for Mother’s Day!”, and one with an award image showing Spaah’s best day spa winning streak and the copy “This Mother’s Day, give the gift of relaxation at Bloomington’s best day spa!” 








I was curious about which would ad perform best, but even more curious about if men or women would click more with the ads, hence the Battle of the Sexes. I copied each ad (for a total of four) and set the target demographics to women age 17+ within 25 miles of Bloomington (76,000 people) or men age 17+ within 25 miles of Bloomington (64,000 people).

These four ads ran from May 1 through midnight on May 10 (technically 3:00 am PDT on May 11). At 6:23 pm EDT on May 10, I posted another ad, with more urgent copy, segmented by the same demographics.


So what were the results? During the campaign, the women saw the ads a total of 7,151 times and clicked through to the Spaah website 20 times. The men saw the ads a total of 2,278 times and clicked… a big fat zero times. I really thought they’d show more interest in a simple yet thoughtful gift for their mothers or wives.


Why? Do men just not care about their mothers, or the mothers of their children? Are women more suggestible when it comes to Facebook ads?

The truth is… the results from the campaign don’t give us that kind of insight. But here are a few guesses:

  • According to Facebook Insights, 88% of Spaah’s fans are female, so Bloomington women are probably much more familiar with Spaah than the guys, thus more likely to click the ads.
  • Women are much, much more likely to be mothers than men, so perhaps they engage more in ads related to a holiday for them.
  • Maybe women actually just tend to click on ads more, according to this 2011 study.

In any case, I hope all you moms out there had a great Mother’s Day, and that all you marketers saw a bump in sales!

Battle of the Sexes: Mother’s Day Facebook Ads
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