gift cards-smallerYou probably know that contests and giveaways can be great ways to excite your Facebook page’s fan base and attract new potential customers. After all, who doesn’t like to win? But putting all the pieces together into a successful campaign, especially when Facebook’s contest rules seem to change all the time, may be challenging.

This past December, I ran a giveaway on Facebook for my longtime client, Spaah!, a day spa in Bloomington, Indiana. “The 12 Days of Giving” integrated many things I’ve learned in my years as a marketing consultant – including a few new tricks – and resulted in an 11.5% increase in Spaah!’s Facebook likes.

In a series of five blog posts, I’ll show you how to create and run your own Facebook giveaway by sharing the details of “The 12 Days of Giving” with you, from its strategic roots to its results.

Part 1. Strategy

Like any marketing campaign, a contest or giveaway should tie back to your organization’s goals. The goal should go beyond just increasing your number of likes. What purpose do more likes work towards? Are you trying to build awareness, increase revenue, gain more donors? In Spaah!’s case, its founder, owner and manager, Donna Lafferty, aims to continue to increase revenue and profit margins.

To accomplish this, we focus on smoothing out Spaah!’s peaks and valleys in traffic. Perhaps you’ve noticed that many businesses in the service industry – like restaurants and hotels – are swamped on weekends but generally quiet on weekdays. Similarly, Spaah!’s traffic is typically busiest on Fridays and Saturdays, while it’s slower mid-week and slowest on Sundays and Mondays. Thus, Spaah!’s main opportunity for increasing revenue is booking more appointments Sundays through Thursdays.

Since Spaah! shares Bloomington with Indiana University (go Hoosiers!), years ago I chose to target marketing efforts at female college students. Why? 1. Because the vast majority of day spa customers are women, so the ads will be more effective, and 2. With their flexible class schedules, college students are better suited to fill the valleys in Spaah!’s business than adults with full-time jobs. Plus, since classes of students graduate and arrive each year, marketing to this group takes constant effort.

So, when we created ads to promote this giveaway (covered soon), we used Facebook’s audience tools to aim them at female, current IU students. Next, we’ll cover the elements of the giveaway itself.

Key Takeaways

  • Align your giveaway with your organization’s main goal.
  • Consider opportunities for working toward that goal. What is your organization’s version of filling in traffic valleys?
  • Find a specific audience that fits that opportunity, like female college students for Spaah!

Part 2. Contest Elements >>

A Facebook Contest Playbook. Part 1: Strategy
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